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Green Economy - B1SHOP

Green Economy

  • Plastic waste (Plasmix, Organic Municipal Waste Oversieve, Carfluff, Pulper waste) recovery through thermochemical transformation into second generation fuel. High recovery rate, Reach Certified fuel.
  • Biological sludge growth reduction for municipal WWTP through bioaugmentation; tangible reduction of both sludge disposal and energy consumption for oxygen transfer.
  • Biogas purification through in-situ regenerative adsorption of VOC; dramatic reduction of operating cost compared to state-of-the-art solutions; low-impact, environmental friendly.
  • Off-gas post-combustion for sustainable biomethane production; sustainable cost-effective catalytical oxidizing system
  • Air purification for industrial production (solvents, ozone,..)
Solutions Material Science - B1SHOP

Material Science

  • Sapphire Crystal Growth, technical and market mastering
  • Semiconductor Crystal Growth, process and plants.
  • Laser technology applied to industrial process for innovative material manufacturing
  • Nano technologies for CIP integrated identity
  • Ultrafast laser manufacturing of transparent hard material.
  • Facility Management
  • Technical Project design and coordination (thermofluidic, electronical, structure).
  • Industrial facility design and management
  • High technology technical projects management.